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Care and Installation of Acrylic Prints

Caring for your Acrylic Print

Your Acrylic Print should only need occasional gentle dusting with a non-abrasive cloth. To remove
any dirt or streaks, use a small amount of mild soap with water and rub gently with a clean, soft
cloth. Follow up with a clean, damp cloth and dry by blotting with a soft cloth. Never use any products that contain ammonia or alcohol as they will damage the acrylic. Novus #1 Cleaner can be used for cleaning acrylic to a beautiful glossy shine.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use paper towels or other rough materials on acrylic. Never get the back of your Acrylic Print wet.

Hanging your Acrylic Print with the French Cleat System

Step 1: Use a level to place the unattached French Cleat in the desired position. Using a pencil, mark two holes on the wall. Drill pilot holes in the center of each circle and insert wall anchors. We recommend a 3/16” drill bit.

Step 2: With the sharp point away from the wall and pointed upwards, mount the French Cleat to the wall using the two 1/8” screws.

Step 3: Hang the French Cleat attached to your product onto the bottom half mounted to the wall. Your Acrylic Print is now locked firmly in position.

Proper storage is a key factor in minimizing the possibility of warping or edge curling. Store your wall art flat until ready to hang. Standing or leaning your wall art for long periods of time prior to hanging may cause wall art to cold form or take the shape of the uneven surface.