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The Process

In this digital age it is convenient to revisit memories or travel the world by swiping up, down, left or right on screens. The feeling that one gets from the image is as fleeting as the swipe. A printed and finished photograph gives the viewer permission to gaze, connect and/or imagine simply because  it was specifically captured, expertly processed, and carefully displayed. A beautiful photograph is a timeless memory which transports the viewer back to a happy place or a place they may dream of visiting. Photographs deserve to be printed, so that  viewers can stay in the moment, look at every detail and let their imagination linger.

The Creative Native Gallery and Studio offers art in four media: Fine Art Prints, Premium Matte Canvas, stunning Metal Prints and modern Acrylic Mount Prints.


Selecting Fine Art paper for a photographic piece is an art not a science. The colors, the mood being conveyed and the subject of the piece all play a part in the selection of the paper. Some papers are smooth and bright white absorbing the blues of the sky or water, making the photograph as alive as the moment it was taken. Some papers are highly textured with a warm undertone which makes the photograph look more painterly or a black and white image looks appropriately aged.  

Ama prints samples on three to four Fine Art media before she selects the paper that fits the character of the image. For her Special Edition framed pieces, she then imagines the imagery in a space and creates a framed storyboard, where the frame and matting is art embracing art. The Special Edition pieces are made exclusively in house with the finest quality moulding and archival materials.


Ama selects from only two types of premium matte archival canvases; a smooth canvas is perfect for bold bright colors and the canvas with a distinct surface texture is used for the images with a softer color palette. Art pieces are protected with a satin archival liquid varnish. The varnish coating  provides water resistance, scuff protection and UV defense. The attention to material selection is to ensure the artwork withstands the test of time, making each piece of heirloom quality to be passed on to the next generation.


Metals prints are brilliant and impressive, with very rich colors infused into a specially coated aluminum sheet. This modern medium is printed at a top printing company in the US. The surface of the print is waterproof and scratch resistant and a very durable medium. Metal prints are beautiful and easy to install.


Acrylic prints are a truly unique way to represent an image and sometimes it is the best method to represent the true depth of an art piece. Ama selects acrylic for the modern spaces and when she wants an art piece to stand out in a busy environment.

Acrylic prints offer that extra depth and radiance with a sleek, clean profile for the modern home. The art is mounted so that it floats off the wall. The acrylic prints are mounted under an ⅛” or ¼” with hand polished edges and backed with DiBond aluminum sheeting.